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We're a label which showcases mainly Drum & Bass. Originally started by Mitekiss in 2015 as a platform to put out his own beats, Goldfat is now a label run by Mr Porter & Mitekiss, that releases quality music from various artists. Ran for the Love ~ Built for the Soul

Antidote ~ Eyes On Her

Arch Origin GFR012

Next from Goldfat Records comes the dutch drum & bass warrior Arch Origin. After releases on a plethora of imperative imprints, including the mighty Hospital Records, as well as Celsius and Soulvent Records, he joins the roster of Goldfat with a single that’ll further solidify his reputation within the scene.
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Arch Origin


Mr Porter




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All the Goldfat Drum and Bass guest mixes in one place! From Liquid to deep rollers, it's all here.

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Delta (Delta + Format)

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Arch Origin

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Mr Porter

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Arch Origin